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hunt problems that matter

uHunt is a complementary tool for UVa online-judge that keeps statistics, provide selections of problems to solve, and exposes a web API for other web developers to build upon it. See a brief history of uHunt.

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Competitive Programming Exercises

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Ed: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

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Steven Halim and I published the Competitive Programming book which is targetted to help regular computer science students to quickly get up and running for the ACM ICPC as well as IOI. The book discusses the types of problems that are frequently occurs in programming contests. The exercises have been integrated to this uHunt tool so that you can keep track of your progress. To get started, select a chapter from the table on the right. Each chapter has starred problems (i.e., a must try problem). Happy solving :)

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Next Problems to Solve

You can view your unsolved/solved problems, sort them, filter by volume, etc. If you just want to solve as many problems as quickly as possible, it's convinient to pick problems according to the dacu (distinct accepted users) in descending order. The bigger the dacu the easier the problem should be and the more probable it will appear in the UVa discussion board.

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World Ranklist

Below is the Author Ranklist (it is a bit different in the sorting order: ac, nos instead of ac, tried, nos). The additional columns: "2d, 7d, 31d" represents the number of (distinct) solved problems in the past 2 days, 7 days, 31 days.

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Statistics Comparer

It is good to have partners (or rivals) in any competitions. Rivals can give you strong motivations to improve yourself. One of the motivations can be: "to solve any problem that your rivals solves, just to stay ahead from your rivals :)".

Using set manipulations you can merge your statistics with your partners and compare it with other groups of rivals :D interesting, isn't it? See the following examples. Later on, the variables A,B,C,D,E should be replaced by the usernames of the users.

The available operators are: union +, subtraction -, intersection &, and brackets ( ) to force operator precedence.


Web API - Build Your Own Tool

I have published a Web API for acquiring real-time UVa statistics. Please subscribe to uhunt-api mailing list to receive updates and discuss about the API. You are free to use the API to build your own statistical tools. Let me know if you have build a great tool based on this API. I will add your tool to the list below:

uHunt Web API Change Log:

Virtual Contests Generator

It is important to measure your performance under contest settings. If you want to solve 5 problems in 3 hours, this tool can help you to measure it. First, pick (using the problem picker) a set of unsolved problems (categorized by the difficulty levels). Then set the start date and duration and create a virtual contest using the following generator. If you want compete against shadow contestants from the past UVa contests, you can click the past contests and select from one of the past UVa contests. The link to the virtual contest will appear after you generate it (only people that know the link are able to view it).

Contestants UVa IDs
UVa Problem Numbers  Problem Picker  |  Past Contests 

Select the contest title to get the list of problems from that past contest. The solved column denotes how many problems solved by the contestants listed in the above field. The problems column denotes the number of problems in that past contest. The dacu column shows the total of distinct accepted users on the unsolved problems. The duration column denotes the contest duration.

Show : [ 25 | 50 | 100 | ALL View : [ unsolved | solved | both ]   Past Contests
ID   Contest Title Solved # Problems Dacu Duration
Pick7 : [ Easy | Medium | Uniform ]   Show : [ unsolved | all ]     Problems Picker ({{n_selected}} Selected)
Difficulty Problem Numbers
Contest Date and Duration   hh:mm   Duration (suffix: h=hours, d=days, w=week)

Here is the virtual contest link (the problem list is hidden until the contest starts):


Frequently Asked Questions

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