UVa Virtual Contest Generator

This tool allows you to create a virtual contest for a number of UVa users (at most 100).
The problem set of the contest is selected form a number of UVa problems (at most 100).
To create a virtual contest, please fill in the form below and then click the Preview button :

The contestants UVa user id *
(separated by a comma)
UVa Problem Numbers *
(separated by a comma)

Start Date / Time
(blank = UVa OJ's epoch)
Duration (in hours)
(blank = a never ending contest)
(applicable only if the Start Date / Time is set)

Virtual Contest Preview

Publish the Contest

Ok so you are set up! You can publish the virtual contest in two ways:

  1. Generate the virtual contest in uHunt.
    The virtual contest link will be randomized so that it is not easy to guess.
    The problem list will be hidden until the contest starts.

  2. Host the virtual contest in your own website.
    Only users that can view your web page can see the virtual contest.
    Copy and paste the HTML code below to your web page and you are set.

    Note: you must hide your web page (containing the ranklist) before the contest start,
    otherwise the contestants can see the problem numbers of the contest in advance.

© Felix Halim 2016